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3 Things To Do If You’re Involved In A Wreck While Renting A Vehicle

Millions of Americans rent vehicles each year to provide temporary transportation for business or vacation trips or when their primary vehicle is in the shop. Unfortunately, a number of these drivers will get into accidents while renting a vehicle. Understanding how insurance coverage for rented vehicles such as SUV’s, pickup trucks, motorcycles, sedans, vans, and buses works and your responsibility when accidents involving rented vehicles occur, will make these unfortunate accidents less stressful.

Check Your Insurance Cover

Rental companies will usually ask you for your insurance card if you do not take their auto insurance coverage in order to confirm that you’re covered. Talk to your insurance agent about rental coverage before renting a vehicle. Your coverage is a lot cheaper than the coverage the rental company may provide.

If you decide not to opt for rental car insurance, at least make sure your own car insurance covers rental vehicles. If it doesn’t and you get into an accident, you could personally be on the hook for some major costs. Before you rent, you should speak to your auto insurance agent to determine what type of coverage you have, if any, regarding car rentals.

Depending on your existing auto insurance, you will want to choose your own auto insurance since it comes with the maximum coverage limits. It’s never cheaper to take the rental company’s insurance coverage unless your own policy will not protect you. For starters, if you’re considering renting a car, go ahead and talk to an auto insurance agent. Ask whether it’s smart to purchase the insurance offered by the rental company or not.

If an accident does occur when you’re driving a rental car, remember these tips:

1. Never admit fault. Ever.

2. Call the rental company as soon as possible. If you didn’t purchase the rental company’s insurance, call your own insurer ASAP, too.

3. Be prepared to contact a personal injury lawyer. Especially if you suffer injuries as a result of the negligence of another driver.

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