patient neglect
Nursing Home Abuse

Why Patient Neglect Is A Common Problem In Nursing Homes

Are you having a hard time understanding why patient neglect is such a common problem in nursing homes? For the average person, the idea of neglecting or abusing an elderly person is unfathomable. The fact that this neglect or abuse is happening in a facility that is designed to care

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apps for driving safely
Automobile Accidents

Top 4 Apps For Driving Safely To Avoid An Accident

Given how ingrained technology has become in our everyday lives, it shouldn’t be surprising that there are apps for safe driving. There are apps for just about everything else, so why shouldn’t there be apps for helping people to drive safer? As of 2018, there were over 36,000 deaths that

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workers compensation for stress
Workers' Compensation

Can You Claim Workers Compensation For Stress?

Can you claim workers compensation for stress? You can in some cases, but proving that you have suffered a mental injury due to work-related stress is more difficult than proving you have a physical injury. If you asked 100 people if they ever felt stress on the job, you’d probably

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