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Traumatic brain injury is the term used to describe the damage to the brain suffered as a result of a sudden physical force. The human brain consists of billions of microscopic fibers, suspended in cerebrospinal fluid. While the exterior skull is smooth, the inner surface contains ribbing and pronounced bony structures. The impact on these inner surfaces of the skull causes tearing and bruising that results in brain damage.

Some symptoms of TBI may include concussion, seizure, headache, dizziness, inability to concentrate, loss of memory and even anxiety and depression. An attorney must have a thorough understanding of the symptoms of TBI in order to adequately present a case for damages to the jury.

An experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer at the Law Offices of Marc. J Shuman & Associates, LTD. can ensure that you undergo a CT or MRI scan in order to reveal any undetected brain injuries that may have occurred as a result of an accident.

How TBI Lawyers Can Help

An experienced brain injury lawyer knows all the laws and regulations associated with accidents and personal injury. A lawyer can inform you of your rights and offer advice on how to proceed in your case.

If you have suffered a brain injury due to any type of accident, a brain injury attorney will help you receive the financial compensation to allow you to get the medical care you need – now and in the future.

Because there is no way of foretelling how a brain injury will continue to affect you in the future, it’s very important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after the accident. A lawyer may be able to help you reach a settlement that will not only cover your medical bills but also pay for future expenses including wages lost due to your brain injury.

Working With The Right Lawyer

An experienced brain injury lawyer is better able to recognize the typical signs of a traumatic brain injury including concussion, dizziness, headache, memory loss, difficulty focusing and depression, among others. These symptoms can go unnoticed and untreated for longer than necessary, which can result in permanent damage.

Brain injuries are nothing to take lightly. Therefore, you should find an experienced brain injury attorney as soon as possible if you think that you or someone you know might be suffering from a traumatic brain injury. An experienced attorney will be able to recommend the right medical specialists to ensure your injury is properly diagnosed and treated.

What Are The Effects Of Brain Injuries?

Generally, brain injuries are caused by a sudden and forceful impact to the head. This typically occurs in an accident, such as an auto accident, slip and fall or even a physical assault. The seriousness of a brain injury often depends upon the amount of force of the impact. Also, it can depend on which part of the brain was affected by the impact.

Symptoms of brain injury can be as mild as dizziness and headaches or as severe as seizure, coma or even paralysis. Even the smallest brain injury can make it difficult for a patient to think clearly and function normally again. No matter how the accident occurred or how serious the brain injury is, patients often need medical and legal help to get their lives back on track.

Recoup Compensation For A Traumatic Brain Injury

Treatment for a traumatic brain injury can be extremely costly. An individual may end up having to spend time in a hospital. Or, he or she may have to pay for other medical expenses such as physical rehabilitation. What’s more, it’s possible that a brain injury will keep someone from being able to work.

Hiring an attorney can help a victim pursue a lawsuit to recover compensation for items such as:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

Most personal injury attorneys will provide a free consultation. This is so that victims have an idea of what to expect when filing a claim.

Since 1996, the Law Offices of Marc J. Shuman & Associates have been helping Traumatic Brain Injury victims, all injured victims and their families, navigate the complex legal process. As experienced personal injury, worker’s compensation and wrongful death attorneys, we can help you evaluate the facts, assess your options, navigate the legal challenges and advocate on your behalf.

Marc J. Shuman & Associates has over 77 combined years of experience advocating for over 20,000 injury victims and their families. We advocate on your behalf, so you can focus on the task of recovery.t

Illinois Brain Injury FAQ

What's the difference between a concussion and a traumatic brain injury?

How can I tell if my child is suffering from a brain injury?

How can I tell how bad a brain injury is?

What kind of long-term effects do I have to plan for after a brain injury?

I had a mild traumatic brain injury from an accident. Is it really a big deal?

How long does it usually take to recover from a brain injury?

What can I expect after a concussion or brain injury?

What kind of accidents usually result in brain injuries?

What's the difference between a concussion and a traumatic brain injury?

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury caused by a blow or jolt to the head or body that causes your head to move rapidly, damaging your brain. There are also other types of traumatic brain injuries.

A mild brain injury is usually caused by a concussion that does not lead to the loss of consciousness, or when the loss of consciousness is very short. More severe brain injuries are often accompanied by longer loss of consciousness and longer lasting side effects.

How can I tell if my child is suffering from a brain injury?

Children, especially very young children, may not be able to understand or express the symptoms they suffer after a traumatic brain injury. However, there are certain things you can observe that might suggest that they have suffered one. If you are concerned that your child might have suffered a traumatic brain injury, you should always check with your doctor.

Some of the behaviors that might suggest a traumatic brain injury are:

* Unusual or unusually frequent irritability

* Sudden change in eating habits

* Decline in ability to pay attention and focus

* Seizures

* Sudden loss of interest in favorite activities

* Change in sleeping habits

How can I tell how bad a brain injury is?

If you believe that you have suffered from a traumatic brain injury, your first priority should be to discuss the matter with your doctor and receive care. They will be better able to determine the scope of your injury than you will, especially if you are still disoriented from your injury.

If you have lost consciousness for an extended period (several minutes or more), suffer from convulsions or seizures, struggle with a persistent headache following a head injury, or struggle to wake up after sleeping, you may be suffering from a moderate to severe brain injury. These are all serious concerns and should not be 'toughed out'. Inform your doctor of your symptoms and seek treatment as soon as reasonably possible.

What kind of long-term effects do I have to plan for after a brain injury?

After a moderate or severe traumatic brain injury, there are often negative aftereffects that stretch on for years.

In the years after your brain injury, you are 50 times more likely to suffer from seizures; 11 times more likely to die from accidental drug poisoning; 9 times more likely to suffer from infections; and 6 times more likely to get pneumonia. It is then extremely important that you take precautions against this, and that it is taken into account during your claim when considering your long-term medical expenses.

A personal injury lawyer can help you consider these and other possible risks that you might not be aware of and make sure that you get the assistance and compensation you need, even if you didn't know you needed it.

I had a mild traumatic brain injury from an accident. Is it really a big deal?

Any injury to the head is absolutely a big deal.

The medical terms for 'mild', 'moderate' and 'severe' brain injury are used to describe the scale of the effect the injury had on your brain function. Even a mild brain injury can still be a profoundly serious injury with potentially long-lasting consequences if it is not promptly diagnosed and treated. If you have experienced a blow or other traumatic injury to your head, please seek medical attention as soon as possible.

How long does it usually take to recover from a brain injury?

The time it takes to recover from a brain injury depends on its severity, but even mild injuries with rapid recoveries can take three to six months. Most symptoms from mild brain injuries tend to either disappear or improve within about a year from your injury.

More severe injuries can take years to recover and have long term effects that stretch far into the future, requiring regular checkups to ensure that your condition does not worsen. Because of how unpredictable the duration of some of these effects can be, it can be difficult to quantify exactly how much your ongoing medical expenses can be. Consulting with your doctor, as well as an experienced personal injury lawyer that can help you find out what your costs really are.  In this way, we can make sure that you get the treatment and compensation you deserve.

What can I expect after a concussion or brain injury?

After a brain injury, there can be numerous lingering effects that might not be immediately obvious to expect from having hit your head. Reduced concentration, irritability, tiredness, and a poor general mood are quite common. Short-term memory problems, headaches, anxiety, and a difficulty to focus on thinking are also common symptoms, as are dizziness, blurred vision, and sensitivity to light.

These symptoms usually pass or grow less severe after a few months. If your symptoms have not been reduced or get worse after a period of three to six months, speak with your doctor about it. You may have experienced a more significant injury than you initially thought.

What kind of accidents usually result in brain injuries?

While there are many possible accidents that could lead to an unfortunate brain injury, almost half of the traumatic brain injuries recorded in the United States every year come down to one of four categories:

* Auto Accidents. Over three hundred thousand injuries happen every year because of automobile related accidents. That's way too many.

* Assault. An absolutely tragic amount- almost two hundred thousand every year.

* Falls. There are more than half a million injuries every year from preventable falls.

* Being unintentionally struck by an object. Upwards of 280,000 injuries yearly. This is especially common for those working physical jobs like construction.

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