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How To Make Your Case Successful


Ten Tips for a Successful Car, Truck, Motorcycle or Premises Liability Case

Hi, I’m Mark Schuman from Schuman Legal, and today we are going to talk about how to make sure your case is a success. You’ve been injured in an accident. Now what? Here’s 10 tips to have a successful car, truck, motorcycle, or premises liability case.

Tip One

First, get medical attention and do not miss any appointments. If you are hurt, then you need medical attention. It is important that you follow up with the doctors and therapists so that you can fully recover. From the insurance company’s perspective, if you are hurt, then you are getting treatment at the doctor. If you miss any appointments, then you can create gaps in treatment and that can hurt the value of your case.

Tip Two

Number two, don’t be stoic. Make all of your complaints of pain to your doctor so that you can be treated properly and that it can be documented for your personal injury case.

Tip Three

Number three, never give a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster about how your accident happened or about your injuries. Insurance companies are not on your side and they will try to get you to say something that they could potentially use against you later at trial. Don’t ever give a statement without an attorney present.

Tip Four

Number four, take pictures of everything. You want to take pictures of the scene of the accident, the damage to your vehicle, the placement of the vehicles at the scene, as well as any visible marks or bruisings caused by the accident to yourself or any passengers that were in the accident.

Tip Five

Number five, keep track of your bills and all the out-of-pocket expenses for things like medication, doctor visits, personal items that you lost or were damaged in the accident as well as your lost wages.

Tip Six

Number six, don’t post on social media anything about the accident that can be used against you later. If you are seriously hurt and then post yourself at an amusement park a few days later, it is not going to go over well.

Tip Seven

Number seven, keep a pain diary of any problems you’re having or things that you cannot do or cannot do as well as before the accident. For example, if you like to go jogging and can no longer jog or if you like to take baths and cannot get in or out of a bathtub due to a back injury, or you can’t reach overhead to pull a can off of a shelf. These are the types of things that will support your claim for your injuries.

Tip Eight

Number eight, be transparent with your attorney. We work for you. The more honest information we have, the better we can represent you and your case. Our goal is to make sure that you get fully compensated.

Tip Nine

Number nine, trust the process. Hiring an experienced law firm like Schuman Legal means that we have decades of experience with personal injury cases. Over 95% of our cases settle without having to file a lawsuit.However, we are more than prepared to take your case to trial if necessary. It’s that preparation from the start that helps us have such a high success rate.

Tip 10

Number 10, personal injury accidents take time. When someone asks, “How long will my personal injury case take?” Each case involves a lot of paperwork, communication, and detailed work to complete. Sometimes they result in a lawsuit and that can add more time. The length of your case is as unique as your injury. We never start the settlement process until your treatment is complete so that you can be fully compensated.

If you follow the above suggestions, then we have the best chance to get you maximum compensation for your injuries. Give us a call at Schuman Legal at any time for a free consultation and we will be happy to discuss your case with you.


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