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Motorcycle Accidents

About Our Motorcycle Safety Lawyers

Motorcycle accidents aren’t just an area of law that we practice in our firm. It’s one of the driving passions that we got into Personal Injury Law to begin with. We have 34 years of experience practicing Motorcycle Accident cases and know that the Motorcycle Community is a family of its own.

That’s why we created an entire new branch of the Shuman Legal firm that focuses entirely on Motorcycle Injury Law – Motorcycle Safety Lawyers.

Motorcycle Safety Lawyers is the branch that is entirely devoted to the Motorcycle Community. If you’ve been a motorcycle accident you can contact us here directly or use for your legal needs.

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The Motorcycle Safety Lawyers® is one of the National Academy of Motorcycle Injury Lawyers’ (NAMIL) founding members representing both Illinois and Nevada.

NAMIL’s mission is to promote motorcycle awareness, safety and the best possible legal representation of motorcycle accident victims.

NAMIL members span the continental USA and are put through continuous training to learn & discuss how to better represent the vast motorcycle community and its causes.

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