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There are three reasons why a product may be recalled. These reasons include manufacturing error, failure of the manufacturer to warn consumers about a problem with their product and defective design. A medical device recall is among the most serious among product recalls.

A medical device is often extremely critical to a person’s ability to function on a daily basis. Medical device recalls can result in pain, serious illness and even death. This is especially true if the problem with the device in question is not addressed in a timely manner.

In the event that your medical device is subject to an FDA recall, you will want to consult with the following professionals as soon as possible:

  • Your doctor: Because the device you are using will no longer work, your doctor will need to assist you in reviewing alternate options. For some, additional surgery may be necessary to replace the defective device.
  • Your health insurance company: It’s essential that you discover what your health insurance covers. Plus, you can determine what you will need to pay out of your pocket.
  • Product liability attorney: Consulting an attorney is extremely important. This is because you may have cause to sue the manufacturer of the recalled medical device. Especially, if you have reason to believe that they were not careful enough when designing the product.

If you are a victim of a medical device recall, it’s in your best interest to avoid signing any authorization form to release your records. Manufacturers may exploit such an opportunity to obtain access to your medical records.

Hiring Professional Help

Product liability for medical devices is a very complicated field. Therefore, it’s imperative that you hire a knowledgeable attorney to represent you in the event that you sustain an injury due to a recalled medical device. Your attorney will essentially advise you on whether you should pursue compensation for your injuries.

When hiring an attorney, you’ll want to choose one who is knowledgeable and experienced in the field of product liability law. This area of law is highly nuanced. Therefore, you’ll want to find out if your attorney has had any prior experience handling similar cases involving your recalled product.

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