interlock devices for cars

How Interlock Devices For Cars Can Save Many Lives

Interlock devices for cars save lives. They save the lives of people that might make the mistake of drinking and driving. They save the lives of the passengers that would be in those cars. Plus, they save the lives of other people that would be on the roads.

While an ignition interlock device is often viewed as a punishment by people who are forced to have one installed in their car, it’s a punishment that has a purpose. Instead of just punishing someone for the mistake that they made, it helps to prevent them from making that same mistake again.

What is an ignition interlock device? It’s a device that is placed in a car that measures the blood alcohol level of someone when they blow into it. If their blood alcohol level is too high, they will not be able to start their car.

How do ignition interlock devices for cars save lives? They save lives by helping to keep drunk drivers off the road.

Drunk Drivers Cause Many Accidents Each Year

How big of a problem is drinking and driving? When you consider the fact that on average a person in the United States dies about once every hour due to a drunk driver, it’s a pretty significant problem. That’s 24 people a day. That’s 24 mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, and children that will never see their loved ones again.

When someone makes the mistake of getting behind the wheel when they are drunk, they aren’t just risking their own life, they’re risking the lives of every passenger in their car, and of every other person on the road.

How Interlock Devices For Cars Save Lives

Ignition interlock devices are ordered for any driver who is found to be driving while over the legal limit. This is in addition to whatever other penalties the state decides to impose. How do these devices save lives? They save lives by keeping drunk drivers off the road.

People who have already been convicted of drinking and driving are more likely to make the same mistake again. In fact, when the average drunk driver is caught and convicted, it’s rarely their first time drinking and driving.

Because many drunk drivers have a habit of driving impaired they cannot be trusted to not do it again even though they know that they will face additional consequences if they’re caught. An ignition interlock device removes the chance of them making the same mistake by making drunk driving impossible for them.

How Interlock Devices Help Drunk Drivers To Break Their Bad Habit

Not only will an interlock device prevent a drunk driver from starting their car, but it will also record the failed test. This recording of a failed test will reveal to authorities that the person in question attempted to drink and drive when the device is removed from their car.

This information can then be used to subject this person to additional criminal penalties. Since people know about this when the interlock devices are installed, it helps them to make better decisions. They understand that a failed test will result in more severe penalties for them.

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