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Four Reasons Why You Should Never Defend Yourself In Court

Most reasonable people would never try to perform a kidney transplant on themselves or tell the pilot, of the airliner that they’re a passenger on, to take a seat in coach while they take the controls. That’s why it’s often baffling as to why people choose to represent themselves in court instead of retaining a personal injury attorney to represent them. There are many reasons why you should never defend yourself in court.

A working knowledge of accident law is a highly specialized skill. That’s why it takes years of training for attorneys to earn their degrees. If you’re on the fence about whether to represent yourself in a personal injury case or hire an accident attorney, consider these reasons for trusting an experienced professional:

1. Knowledge of procedures and rules

Courts operate on a very strict set of rules and procedures. Very few non-attorneys know these rules and procedures well enough to plead their cases in court. Ignorance of these procedures may cost you critical rulings and decisions.

2. Knowing what not to say if you defend yourself in court

Litigants who represent themselves often make statements that may ruin their cases. They may inadvertently admit to fault in a car accident. Or, they may say that they hadn’t lived up to the terms of their insurance policy. In court, knowing what not to say is often as important as knowing what to say. An experienced attorney knows what statements to avoid in court.

3. The paperwork

Court cases typically require quite a bit of paperwork including written complaints, briefs, motions and more. Attorneys know the proper style for writing these documents as well as submission rules and deadlines.

4. The costs

While it may seem smart to save yourself a few thousand dollars on attorney’s fees, you expose yourself to a huge danger of financial loss should you choose to represent yourself in court. Even if you think you have a great case, a skilled attorney can easily trip up a layman on various points of law and procedure and secure a hefty judgment. The money you think you might save, simply is not worth the risk.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a personal injury accident,

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Marc J. Shuman & Associates, Ltd. has over 77 combined years of experience advocating for over 20,000 injury victims and their families, recovering over 50 million dollars on their behalf. We advocate on your behalf so you can focus on the task of recovery.

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