Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer | Kevin Halverson

Chicago Personal Injury Attorney | Kevin Halverson

Why choose Chicago Lawyer Kevin Halverson as Your Personal Injury Attorney:

Kevin is a detail-oriented personal injury lawyer who brings a blend of professional acumen and genuine care to every case. He focuses on what you need and works diligently to protect your rights. From handling incidents of slips and falls to addressing the consequences of car accidents and medical malpractices, Kevin is dedicated to being hands-on and fervently advocating for each of his clients. He navigates the complexities of each case with the goal of achieving maximum compensation for your recovery.


Kevin Halverson

Kevin Halverson

Your Personal Injury Attorney

Kevin, a trusted personal injury lawyer in Chicago is well-respected for his unwavering dedication to his clients’ causes. With a proven track record of achieving justice with a compassionate approach, Kevin brings years of experience to the table. Count on him to not only champion your case but also to stand by you personally throughout the legal process, tirelessly pursuing fairness at every opportunity.

With Kevin’s careful attention to detail and unwavering dedication to building strong case files, you have a dependable partner for your case. Getting through the complex world of personal injury law in Chicago becomes easier with Kevin’s knowledge and expertise.

Grounded in traditional family values

Kevin credits his parents as his foremost inspirations, recognizing them for teaching him fundamental life lessons: the merits of dedication and integrity. Having grown up within a close family circle of friends and family, he learned the importance of friendship and loyalty early on. His intelligence and dedication are highly regarded attributes that are evident in all he does. Kevin has earned the reputation of being reliable, loyal, and generous in his social circles.

Kevin earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics with a minor in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin. Building on this foundation, he furthered his dedication to aiding the underprivileged by completing his JD from the NIU College of Law in 1994.

Defender of the Disadvantaged

It is Kevin’s character and determination that make him an outstanding candidate for any role he takes on. One capable of learning and adapting to new situations as they arise, he stands up for the underprivileged as often as possible.

Born and raised in Central Wisconsin as the middle child among three brothers, Kevin embodies the essence of family-oriented living. His close-knit network of family and friends has been his bedrock of support and inspiration. Unsurprisingly, he prioritizes spending quality time with them whenever he can, amidst his busy schedule. Additionally, Kevin finds joy in pursuing his passion for golf and showcasing his musical talents as a skilled bass guitar player in his social circle.

Your Go-To Legal Confidant in Times of Need

With a background steeped in integrity, diligence, and tenacity, Kevin carries these values into his legal practice. With a steadfast commitment to prioritizing client needs, he’s the ideal choice for your case.

Valued by both his clients and colleagues for his reliability, intelligence, and optimistic perspective, Kevin’s steadfast commitment and tenacity are evident in every case he accepts.

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