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A bicycle accident can be more serious than most people realize. Consequently, taking steps immediately after a bike wreck to protect your health and your legal rights is important. In 2013, more than 900 people were killed and 494,000 people were injured seriously enough for a trip to the emergency room because of bicycle accidents, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Many bicycle accidents involve head injuries which can leave victims with a lifetime of neurological problems that can diminish their employment and earning prospects and their quality of life.

Steps To Take

If you become involved in a bicycle accident and are seriously injured, ask someone to call 911. If you are not seriously injured, take the following steps:

1. Get off the road – Staying on the road can result in further injuries if more traffic comes along. If you’re able to move, your priority needs to be getting off the road to a safe area.

2. Call the police — If someone hasn’t done it for you.

3. Self-assess your injuries – Check your body. Do you have a full range of motion for all extremities? Have you sustained cuts or gashes? Do you feel dizzy or disoriented? Can you walk? You may be injured even if you don’t feel anything instantly. If you feel pain or see any injuries, don’t move more than you have to and wait for help to arrive.

4. Document your injuries – If possible, document your injuries using a smartphone. It can come in handy if you need the services of an accident lawyer later. Collect contact info for witnesses if you can.

5. Seek immediate medical attention — within 24 hours of the accident even if you don’t feel or see any pain. Failing to do this may compromise the compensation you deserve.

6. Get in contact with an experienced injury attorney – Call a bicycle accident attorney when you are able and describe the details of the accident. Your attorney can help you with any next legal steps that may be necessary to safeguard any rights to compensation you may have. No one enjoys going to court, but it may be necessary to pay for medical expenses and provide other compensation that may be necessary.

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