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When you’ve lost a loved one as a result of a tragic accident, it’s tough to handle what comes next. On top of the loss and grief you feel, you also have many difficult decisions to make including whether to file a wrongful death suit. Furthermore, the legal system can be very confusing, especially for individuals consumed with grief. Understanding a little about wrongful death suits can help you make the right decisions as you move forward.

5 Things You Need To Know

1. Wrongful death suits are lawsuits filed when a person dies and another person, company or organization is legally responsible for that death.

2. Wrongful death suits involve all types of fatal accidents including motor vehicle accidents, workplace injuries, deaths resulting from faulty products, medical malpractice and more.

3. People, government agencies and businesses can be determined to be legally at fault for a death. Especially, if they failed to act as a reasonable person would have (negligence). Or, if their intentional acts resulted in the death.

4. Laws vary from state to state regarding who may sue in a wrongful death suit. But, in general, most states allow immediate family members, spouses or domestic partners and even distant relatives to bring wrongful death suits. Furthermore, a wrongful death lawyer can advise you on whether you’re a “real party in interest” in a potential wrongful death suit.

5. In a successful wrongful death suit, the insurer of the party at fault often pays the compensation owed to the plaintiff.

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