Signs You May Need the Help of a Car Accident Lawyer in Chicago

Knowing what to do after an Illinois car accident can be difficult, especially if the accident has caused costly damage or left you injured. For many victims, one of the most important questions is whether to settle the accident claim independently or seek the help of a car accident attorney. Although no two auto accident cases are the same, the following signs are almost universal indicators that you should consider seeking help from a car accident lawyer in Chicago residents have relied on since 1996: Marc J. Shuman.

You Sustained Lingering Injuries

Taking legal action after minor injuries may not be worth the time and effort. However, if you are facing long-term or even permanent injuries that affect your ability to work, your mental and emotional well-being, or your quality of life, you may later come to regret not taking action after the accident. Since Illinois observes a statute of limitation for car accident claims, it is better to speak with an attorney about your options early, rather than waiting until it is too late.

Your Out-of-Pocket Expenses Are Significant

When medical expenses and other costs associated with an accident are relatively minor, hiring an attorney and filing a personal injury lawsuit may not make sense financially. However, when you are facing steep medical bills and other potential expenses, such as wages lost due to missed work or future lost earning potential, you deserve to find out whether you are entitled to compensation.

The Other Driver Won't Admit Fault

If the other driver and his or her insurance company refuse to admit fault, you will only win compensation by proving in court that the other driver really was at fault. This will be much easier to do with the help of an attorney who is familiar with the relevant laws and has experience presenting evidence in a courtroom setting.

Final Considerations to Keep in Mind

After an accident, you may be tempted to save money by representing yourself. However, by doing this, you may cost yourself a significant amount of money in the long term. Working with a car accident lawyer in Chicago residents depend on is more than worthwhile when you face serious injuries, high financial costs, or a case where fault isn't immediately clear. Call 800.722.9744 today for a FREE consultation with an experienced attorney from the Law Offices of Marc J. Shuman & Associates, LTD.


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