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Shuman Legal Holiday Food Giveaway

Last updated Friday, August 19th, 2022

Shuman Legal Holiday Food Giveaway

On December 20th, we collected over five tons of food to distribute to underprivileged areas of our community for the holidays. Our team came together with the help of members of the Three Rivers Church to create Christmas care packages for Illinois families suffering from financial stress caused by Covid-19.

The day was filled with joy, gratitude, and amazing people. Thank you to all the great volunteers who made this amazing event happen!


Do you have a charity or event you’d like to partner up with us? Please reach out! We are passionate about making a difference in our communities.

A Little Christmas Trivia for you thanks to Better Health:

Many Christmas symbols, such as mistletoe and Christmas cards, spread to the world from Great Britain. This is why many countries that were once part of the old British Empire – Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, for example – have similar Christmas customs.

Most of the foods typically associated with Christmas, such as mince pies and fruit cake, also arose from British tradition. In Australia, it is becoming increasingly popular to enjoy seafood on Christmas Day, rather than roast meats and ham, due to their warmer weather.

Traditional Christmas foods differ from one social group to the next, depending on local availability and cultural significance. Some examples include:

  • France – black and white pudding, which is sausage containing blood
  • French Canada – desserts like doughnuts and sugar pie
  • Germany – gingerbread biscuits and liqueur chocolates
  • Nicaragua – chicken with a stuffing made from a range of fruits and vegetables including tomato, onion, and papaya
  • Russia – a feast of 12 different dishes, representing Christ’s disciples.

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