filing a wrongful death lawsuit


Coping with the death of a loved one can be extremely devastating. Furthermore, the grief may be significantly magnified if such a death resulted from another person’s negligence. If a close family member dies from the fault of another party, it’s only fair that your grieving family receives recompense. They will have to deal with the grief and despair of the loss. Plus, they need to adjust to dramatic lifestyle changes. Therefore, it’s imperative that you consult a reputable wrongful death law firm to get legal assistance when filing a wrongful death claim. Below are some tips for filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

Steps To Take When Filing A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Contact a wrongful death law firm who will help you to establish that it’s possible to file a lawsuit before presenting the papers to the authorities. They will also ensure you meet the basic requirements for filing. These include having proof of death, which is usually in the form of a death certificate that has been signed by the coroner.

You will also get assistance to show that you and your family are suffering financially and/or emotionally as a result of the death. Your lawyer will demonstrate that there is at least an indication of being able to identify the perpetrator.  And, that the victim died due to the negligence or recklessness of the perpetrator.

Inform yourself about the regulations in your state pertaining to the time limits for filing. Most states have a statute of limitations that establishes a window of time within which you are allowed to file and waiting too long can lead to the forfeiture of your option to file at all.

It’s Important To Contact A Reputable Law Firm

A wrongful death law firm will assist you with prompt filing. This is necessary for improving your chances of convincing the jury that you and your family are deeply scarred by the events. Timing will allow the law firm to carry out investigations aimed at discovering who the guilty party is. Plus, identify their contribution to the death of your loved one.

Ensure that you supply your lawyer with all the necessary paperwork in initiating the case. Filing a wrongful death lawsuit on your own is impossible. That is unless you are extremely familiar with the local laws and regulations. Only close relatives, spouses, parents or children can generally file a wrongful death lawsuit.

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