Car accident Chicago today has too many, avoid these intersections!

Where these roadways cross paths, they become Chicago’s worst intersections!

Last updated Wednesday, November 29th, 2023

Chicago Car Accidents

Yes there was another car accident in Chicago today and every weekday seems to be reporting another car accident – We want to share some areas to avoid, especially during peak traffic times!

According to, during the pandemic, Chicago has seen an increase of around 14% in everything from speeding to dangerous driving. The majority of fatalities (over 190 as of July 2020) are related to these accidents happening on our city streets. Here are the top five intersections to avoid if you can!

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The Illinois Department of Transportation reported a 14% increase in traffic-related accidents and issues including fatalities! If you can avoid these areas we highly recommend you do!

We can’t turn back time if you have already experienced an accident in one of these treacherous intersections, we can make sure that you get the compensation you need to recover and get your family back to a new normal of life again.

If you were heading for these routes in your travels, especially in high volume traffic times, we encourage you to find some alternative routes to consider!

Chicago's Worst Intersections

Car accidents in Chicago today have too many collisions on our busy roadways; if possible avoid these intersections! Here is a breakdown of the streets that collide into these intersections:

With 70,000 Vehicles using this Chicago intersection daily:

South Chicago Avenue
S. Stony Island Avenue
E 79th Street

45 Car Accidents every year at this Chicago intersection:

North Milwaukee Avenue
North Damen Avenue
West North Avenue

Most dangerous in July and August – so plot other routes!

North Cicero Avenue
North Irving Park Road
North Milwaukee Avenue

North Kenzie Avenue
West Belmont Avenue

North Western Avenue
West Peterson Avenue

By gathering this information ahead of time, our experienced Chicago car accident attorneys can get to the heart of your case quickly and make an informed decision about how to proceed.

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