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Bicycle Safety Video: Helmets

Last updated Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

Marc Shuman – Out in the community on Bike Safety

Here at Marc J Shuman & Associates Ltd., we like to get engaged in the community and support safe practices. We are here for you when accidents or personal injuries happen; we are also here for you to help you stay safe!

We have partnered with West Town Bikes here in Chicago to create a series on Bicycle safety, this session covers helmet safety and to accompany the video, here is the transcription from Marc’s interview with Eli Faber, their head technician:

00:01 Marc Shuman: I’m Marc Shuman from Shuman Legal, and we are at West Town Bikes, speaking with Eli Faber, the head technician, about bicycle safety. How are you doing, Eli?

00:09 Eli Faber: Alright, how are you?

00:10 MS: Good. So today, we’re going to talk about bicycle helmets. Eli, what do you think? Should people be wearing helmets?

00:17 EF: I definitely recommend wearing a helmet.

00:19 MS: I think statistics are pretty clear that they are significant in preventing head injuries. Are there specialty types of helmets?

00:29 EF: That’s right. You want to choose a helmet that’s designed for the activity that you’re doing. If you’re hoping to be a road biker, you should probably wear a helmet that’s light-weight and ventilated. If you’re mountain biking, you should probably wear a helmet that has more protection along the back of the head, since you’re more likely to fall backward.

00:49 MS: Are bike helmets certified?

00:52 EF: Since 1999, most bicycle helmets… In fact, almost all bicycle helmets meet the same basic standard safety certification.

01:02 MS: What about families with toddlers, do you recommend that a toddler has a helmet?

01:06 EF: I definitely recommend a toddler wears a helmet for the same reasons as an adult, and especially because a toddler’s head is more fragile, they should definitely wear a helmet.

01:17 MS: What is the lifespan of a typical helmet?

01:19 EF: Typically five to 10 years. You should also replace a helmet after one crash. The foam in a helmet compresses after one crash, so it’s not good anymore.

01:31 MS: And is there a proper way to fit a helmet?

01:33 EF: Yeah. When you fit a helmet, it should be snug around your forehead and the back of your head. When you move your head like this, you don’t want it to move in any direction.

01:42 MS: What about the strap, is there a tightness that it should be?

01:45 EF: Just snug around your head.

01:46 MS: Thank you very much.

01:48 EF: Yeah, you’re welcome.

There you have it! Some great advice and information that we hope will lead to you having a more enjoyable and safer experience on your bike!

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