abuse of the elderly

What To Do If You Witness Abuse Of The Elderly In A Nursing Home

If you see abuse of the elderly in a nursing home, the first thing that you’ll probably feel is shock. Followed by anger, sadness, and empathy for the victim. While it’s normal to have an emotional response to seeing such a horrific incident, it’s important that you don’t allow your emotions to dictate what you do next.

It would be easy to confront the person, but that wouldn’t do anything to help the victim or to stop the abuse. All that would do is make you feel better.

If You See Abuse Of The Elderly You Can Call The Police

Elderly people are people with rights just like everyone else. If you see an elderly person suffering abuse and it appears to be a dangerous situation, you should call the police immediately.

The police will come out and at the very least file a report. If they have proof of the abuse they will arrest the abuser. Even if they don’t arrest the abuser, the fact that they were alerted will bring attention to the situation. This should dissuade the abuser from doing anything else for the time being since he knows the police are involved. You can use this time to try to get him removed or take any other steps you feel are necessary.

Record The Abuse

If you have the opportunity to do so, you should absolutely record the abuse. Chances are you have a smartphone, which means you have a video camera with you.

Recording an abuser in the act will provide the police with evidence of the person’s crimes. You can also give it to the administration of the nursing home to encourage his removal. Plus, it can be used as evidence should you feel the need to file a lawsuit.

Report The Abuse To Management

No matter what, you need to report the abuse you have witnessed to management. This will bring the abuse to their attention. It will also let them know that you are paying attention to what is going on.

Nursing home facilities are very leery when it comes to lawsuits, so if they know that you have seen or suspect abuse, they are going to be much more vigilant in monitoring the situation. If you have a loved one who was the victim of the abuse then you might also consider removing them from the home as quickly as possible.

Contact A Lawyer

After dealing with the initial abuse and ensuring that your loved one is not going to continue to suffer, your next step should be to call a lawyer. You need to hold this nursing home accountable for what has transpired under their watch.

Holding a business accountable financially is one of the best ways to ensure that positive changes are made. It’s sad, but the truth is that if you hit them in their bank account, they will be much more likely to ensure that abuse never happens again in their facility.

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