Most people try to avoid car accidents, but to some criminals, an accident is a way to make cash by filing bogus accident claims. These scammers actively cause accidents to occur, meticulously planning and executing driving maneuvers to cause a wreck and then manipulating the other party into statements or actions that may give rise to a claim.

Car accident lawyers can help innocent victims battle bogus claims, but drivers need to be aware of potential scams.

Some common types of accident scams include:

1. T-bone accidents – In these accidents, criminals will wait for a victim to drive through an intersection and then drive into the side of the victim’s vehicle causing a T-bone accident. The criminal will often have bogus witnesses who will claim that the accident occurred because the victim ran a stop sign or traffic signal.

2. Brake slam – In this phony accident, the criminal will get right in front of the victim’s vehicle and then slam on the brakes so that the other driver rear-ends his or her vehicle.

3. Swoop and stop – This is a modification to the brake slam that works to make an accident even less avoidable. The lead car will get in front of the victim’s vehicle and slam on the brakes. At the same time, another vehicle will simultaneously pull alongside the victim’s vehicle. This prevents the victim from avoiding the accident.

Bogus accident scam artists tend to target some types of drivers more often than others. People who drive luxury vehicles and older drivers are at higher risk than others, of being targeted by scam artists. The best defense against bogus claims is solid documentation of the accident and contact your attorney. The police report, images of the accident, credible witnesses and an accident attorney are all important.

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