9 Facts Rideshare Accident Victims Must Know

                            1. Lyft and Uber insurance only kicks in when certain conditions are met

                            2. You are unlikely to receive the biggest payout by filing a claim directly with Uber or Lyft.

                            3. Personal injury claims must be filed within two years of a rideshare accident in Illinois.

                                  4. Accident reports must be recorded to ensure the highest probability of receiving compensatory damages.

                                     5. Even if one or more involved parties do not have insurance, compensation may still be available for accident victims.

                              6. Officers on the scene must document the accident victim’s version of events.

                                 7. Insurance companies may come knocking, but that doesn’t mean rideshare accident victims should open the door.

                                   8. Our lawyers are experts in accident cases involving e-bikes, scooters and electric motorcycles.

                                   9. Let our Chicago car accident lawyers review a potential rideshare accident case at absolutely no cost to you.

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