8 Biggest Personal Injury Settlements Ever

$150 Billion To The Family of Sexual Assault Victim Robbie Middleton

$4.9 Billion To The Accident Victims, Anderson Family From General Motors

$60 Million to A Gas Station Manager Who Suffered Brain Injuries 

$32.5 Million To Mark Force For Malfunctioned Seatbelt By Ford and Mazda

$27.5 Million To Gloria Aguilar, Who Lost Her Legs in a Bus Accident

$25.5 Million To Maisha Najeeb - A Victim of Medical Malpractice

$22 Million To Shirley Miller, Who Was Hit By A Pharmacy Truck

$19 Million To Carol Adkins, Who Was Badly Hit By A Maintenance Truck

Did You or a Loved One Suffered An Injury Due to Someone Else's fault?