Two killed in a fiery car crash in Waterloo

Last updated Friday, July 14th, 2023

Two killed in a fiery car crash in Waterloo

Monroe County Coroner reported a fiery car crash in Waterloo on Illinois 3 south of Sportsman Road Thursday, July 6. According to the Illinois State Police, first responders arrived at the location around 6:30 PM and spotted two people inside a Ford passenger car. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

Police reports indicate the southbound Ford rammed into a van heading the same way. The impact led the Ford to go off the road and crash into a tree, setting it ablaze. Jeremy V. Hicks, 44, the driver, and Bud G. Rhodes Jr., 44, tragically died in the crash. They were both from Red Bud.

The tragic accident is under investigation, and more information should be available soon.

We send our heartfelt condolences to both Hicks and Rhodes families in their time of pain.

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The deadly car crash in Waterloo was entirely preventable

A car accident has far-reaching effects on grieving families, forever changing the lives of survivors. Those close to them can’t forget the cherished moments they shared with them.

Most traffic accidents carry a heavier weight of tragedy than deaths by natural causes, primarily because they are largely preventable. These accidents are fueled by impaired judgment and compromised reflexes, making them more severe and deadly. Innocent lives are lost, families break apart, and survivors are left to endure physical, emotional, and entirely avoidable financial burdens.

No one can understand, and no words can adequately soothe the pain the family of a victim experiences, but we want to reach out to you to offer our sincere sympathies. As legal professionals, we are here to assist and guide you as you navigate the legal aspects surrounding this tragic incident.

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