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We’ll fight against the trucking company for the settlement you deserve

For over 35 years we’ve helped more than 25,000 car and dump truck accident victims, with more than $50 million dollars in various damages recovered. We know all the tricks the trucking companies and their insurance providers will try to pull when it comes to your accident.

And before you do anything at all after your accident…

Do NOT give a recorded statement.

Not to the insurance company, not to the trucking company’s lawyer… NOT to absolutely ANYONE without speaking to a qualified attorney first.

Whatever you say now might come back to bite you later. Despite their act of pretending to be on your side, don’t be fooled by them. They are not your friend. Their job is to protect the trucking company, their client, from as much liability and expense as possible.

ONLY give a recorded statement AFTER you’ve talked to our team of Chicago truck accident attorneys.

It costs nothing to call and could cost you everything not to. This is doubly true if you’ve been in an accident involving a semi-truck.

We’ll respond to your written inquiry within 15 minutes during business hours. Need help urgently? Please call 312-376-0388.

Our Investigation Against the Trucking Company Includes the Following…

  • Determining the level of truck maintenance
  • Drug and alcohol tests
  • A review to confirm adequate insurance coverage
  • A full examination of truck safety markings
  • Weight restriction compliance
  • Adherence with loading procedures
  • Ensuring the company fulfilled safety inspection requirements
  • Accident reconstruction
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Get a Larger Settlement

Since trucks are so much heavier than passenger vehicles, they can cause more damage during accidents. Truck accident injuries are often severe or even disabling. For victims, it’s essential to obtain adequate compensation to cover short-term medical expenses and long-term losses. These could include lost earnings and ongoing healthcare costs that an experienced 18 wheeler accident attorney knows how to negotiate for you.

Remember… the insurance company providing coverage to the trucking company may be eager to settle your claim quickly for a relatively small amount.

We can help you understand the types of compensation available. Plus, we can evaluate all of your losses – now and in the future. Together with you, we can then determine what kind of settlement would be appropriate.

“Shuman Legal is one of the only law firms that care about their clients not just a money number but actual injured human beings. The entire staff, from the people that answer the phones to the guy that sweeps up at night will be there for you as a team. I had many choices for an attorney but it was a no brainer hiring Marc Shuman. He really cares!”
Bill Reeder

Don’t Let The Trucking Company Win

Call us today to schedule a FREE, no-obligation consultation with our offices to discuss your options and start the claim process.

We’ll respond to your written inquiry within 15 minutes during business hours. Need help urgently? Please call 312-376-0388.