slip and fall accident


More than a million Americans become victims of a slip and fall accident each year, due to property negligence such as damaged walkways, wet surfaces, open holes, and obstructions. These can result in untold pain and suffering and billions in medical bills and lost earnings.

Far too many victims of these types of accidents fail to ever recover a dime from the parties responsible for their injuries because slip and fall victims don’t realize their injuries were caused by the negligence of an employer, business owner, property owner or a government entity such as a city or state.

Victims of slip and fall accidents need to have the presence of mind to make the right choices that will bolster their personal injury attorney’s chances of succeeding in court on their behalf. This is tough because slip and fall victims are often in shock and pain for a considerable amount of time after an accident and legal action is usually the last thing they’re thinking about.

However, if they or a loved one can gather information, their chance of recovering money owed to them drastically increases.

Here’s a checklist for the right moves after a slip and fall accident:

1. Seek medical attention – Even if you feel fine, it’s a good idea to seek care as some of the consequences of a slip and fall injury may not be immediately apparent. Getting medical treatment also documents your injuries and this information may come in handy in court.

2. Document witnesses – Collect the names and contact information of people who witness the accident. These witnesses can come in handy if litigation ensues.

3. File a Report—with security, property management or other authorities, even the police if necessary, to document the event.

4. Get photos ASAP – Get photos of the area where you fell and of your injuries. This evidence can be helpful in pressing your claims in court.

5. Talk to an attorney – An attorney can evaluate your information and determine whether you have an entitlement to compensation as a result of the accident.

If You Or Someone You Know Has Been Involved In A Slip And Fall Accident,

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