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The Importance Of Seeking Medical Treatment After Being Injured

A key aspect of personal injury cases is the extent and types of injuries the victim suffered. In order to prove the extent of injuries, specifically due to the accident, both the plaintiff and defendant will rely upon the victim’s medical records. This is why seeking medical treatment straight away is so important.

Therefore, medical records documenting the injuries sustained at the time of the accident are critical. Otherwise, the case comes down to the victim’s word against the defendant’s, as to whether they were truly negligent.

A Doctor’s Report Is Vital In Injury Compensation Cases

Far too often after an accident, the person who was not responsible, will think their injuries are not sufficient to warrant a trip to a doctor. However, refusing medical treatment or not promptly seeking it, typically within 24 hours after an accident, can make it extremely difficult for a lawyer to prove their client was injured as the result of the negligence of the other party.

Unfortunately, failing to promptly receive medical attention following an accident typically results in the inability to prove and therefore demand, monetary compensation for medical bills and possibly lost compensation.

In addition, sometimes injuries do not always appear initially after an accident due to heightened adrenaline levels. So, while you might think you’re fine, you could potentially be injured. Further, if your injuries are more extensive than you initially believed, you might require ongoing medical care. It is for these reasons it is ALWAYS in your best interests to seek medical treatment after an accident.

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