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Snapchat is being added to personal auto injury lawsuits around the country as attorneys argue that the mobile app’s “speed filter” is contributing to car crashes. For example, personal injury attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia recently added Snapchat to the list of defendants in a case where a man was left with permanent brain injuries after a crash where his vehicle was struck by a Mercedes going 107 mph. At the time of the accident, the young woman driving the Mercedes allegedly was taking selfies with Snapchat and using the application’s “speed filter.”

Snapchat is a mobile app used to share photos and other images. The app’s speed filter places an image on photos taken with Snapchat telling how fast the user was going. Accident lawyers are claiming the mobile app is at fault for accidents because the speed filter encourages people to drive distracted.

A huge problem in personal injury cases is that defendants often don’t have the money to cover the significant medical and related bills that a court may find them responsible for. These defendants also often have only the minimum required insurance, also limiting recoverable damages.

Therefore, if Snapchat is responsible for accidents, it should be held accountable for financial compensation owed to these plaintiffs.

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