motorcycle crashes


Thousands of Americans receive injuries in motorcycle crashes each year. The precious minutes after a wreck are crucial to ensuring a full recovery. If you’re injured in an accident, maintaining the presence of mind to safeguard yourself from further injury could mean the difference between life and death.

After an accident, one of the most important things you can do is to get off the roadway and away from your bike, especially if it’s leaking fluids. Your next step is to examine yourself for injuries. Make sure you can move all the muscles in your arms, legs, hands, and feet. Also, check for scrapes and cuts.

Even if you feel fine, be sure that you consult with medical professionals, as some injuries resulting from motorcycle crashes are not immediately apparent. Once you’ve ensured your safety, you should immediately contact your attorney to ensure your rights are protected. Do not admit fault and be sure to collect any witness contact information if you can.

Check out this infographic from the Law Office of Marc J. Shuman & Associates, Ltd. to learn more about protecting yourself and your legal rights after a motorcycle accident.

motorcycle crashes

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