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Five Things You Must Do After A Chain Reaction Crash

A chain reaction crash is a crash where one vehicle striking another causes one or both of those vehicles to strike other vehicles. This can result in horrific injuries and property damage and it often takes an accident lawyer to sort out conflicts among insurers to get victims the compensation they’re owed.

Because chain reaction crashes involve more than one vehicle and because the vehicles involved can be traveling in differing directions, these crashes can result in major damage, also putting occupants at high risk of injury. In 2015, 58 percent of car occupant deaths in crashes of sedans and compacts occurred in multiple-vehicle crashes. Occupants of larger vehicles fare better in these crashes.

If you become involved in a multiple-vehicle crash, ensure your safety and protect your rights by following these steps:

  • Exit the vehicle safely as soon as possible. You do not know the condition of the other vehicles; one may have a gas leak that could cause an explosion.
  • Make sure everyone involved in the accident is okay and summon first-responders if necessary.
  • Do not admit fault. That’s up to the police and the courts to decide.
  • Get everyone’s license plate and contact information.

Discuss your case with a car accident lawyer. Chain reaction crashes can be tricky because of the multiple vehicles and drivers involved, and insurers may try to deny claims on flimsy grounds. An attorney can help you determine whether you have a claim and what your next steps should be.

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