Three Ways to Stop Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries cost employers and employees alike, but most are entirely preventable. According to OSHA, workplace injuries cost employers more than $1 billion in direct worker’s compensation costs alone. When higher insurance rates, and worker’s comp attorney and other indirect costs are factored in, the cost of on-the-job injuries can add up quickly. Workers lose out on lost wages, suffer medical bills and discomfort related to their injuries, and experience the disruption of their work and family lives. The vast majority of workplace injuries can be prevented with the right equipment, training, and commitment by managers and staff to creating a culture of safety. Consider these tips for improving safety at your workplace:
  • Follow safety regulations to the letter – Eliminating shortcuts and encouraging employees to follow all safety regulations will reduce workplace injuries. While it’s easy to rationalize cutting corners here and there, it’s a bad habit, as it will lead to increasingly unsafe behavior. Draw the line, and stick to it.
  • Be proactive in finding safety risks – Employers should regularly inspect their facilities to ensure no safety risks have gone unnoticed. A regular review can help mitigate existing problems and nip developing problems in the bud. Also, foster an environment in the workplace where employees are encouraged to report problems that they may have noticed.
  • Train regularly – It’s not enough to conduct safety training once and expect your employees to remember it forever. Refresher courses are needed to remind employees of safety rules and how to use their personal protective gear.
About 3 million people suffered non-fatal workplace injuries in 2014, and around 4,500 died from on-the-job injuries. Improving safety practices will reduce these numbers, saving lives, reducing costs, and increasing the quality of life for workers everywhere. Marc J. Shuman & Associates, LTD. focuses on personal injury law and is experienced in dealing with insurance companies and their attorneys, recovering more than $50 million for clients over the past 20 years. To learn more, contact us at (800) 722-9744.

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