Six Potential Injury Hazards at Outdoor Parties & Events

With nice weather comes more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Festivals, carnivals, parties, and other recreational events are typically fun occasions, but unfortunately accidents can happen. A knowledgeable and skilled personal injury attorney will fight for compensation for medical bills, missed work and more for someone who is hurt or killed during an outdoor activity, even if a waiver was signed.

Injury Hazards at Outdoor Parties

Here are six potential scenarios where injury could occur.

  • Amusement park ride failure

While rides at fairs or amusement parks can be a blast, there's still a chance something could unexpectedly break. This means a rider or spectator could be injured. Very sadly, a scenario like this occurred at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus, Ohio. According to USA TODAY, one person died and seven people were injured after a Fire Ball ride malfunctioned, tossing riders into the air.

amusement park ride failure

  • Animal encounter gone wrong

Animals can be unpredictable, even if well trained. A horseback ride could result in hospital and physical therapy bills if the horse is spooked and you get thrown.

  • Dog Attack

That cute dog might all of a sudden lash out and can result in a bite which can lead to a severe injury, infection, disability, or disfigurement in the face or body.

  • Festival crowd stampede

If a large crowd gets out of control, people can be hurt or even trampled to death.

This has happened many times all over the world due to emergencies like fires, bomb threats, terrorist acts, shootings & fights. How about a picture of a race car jumping the track into the crowd and of course there those soccer matches.

recreational accidents

  • Slip/trip on unsafe ground
Not all surfaces outdoors are properly prepared for foot traffic. Uneven ground, slick surfaces, unmaintained stairs, or sidewalk could cause slipping or tripping resulting in injuries.
  • Car vs. pedestrian

In areas where people are enjoying the outdoors, there are a lot of pedestrians. This means the potential for a driver to hit someone crossing a street or in a parking lot increases.

Be aware of unsafe situations like the above when you're out having fun, and if hurt in an accident, it's important to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately.

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