Settlement Factors in a Motorcycle Accident Case

Personal injury claims in motorcycle accident cases are not as widely advertised as the ones resulting from car and truck accidents. But, they are equally as serious. Here are some critical factors that help determine the settlement of motorcycle accident claims -
  • Valuing a potential case: A personal injury lawyer in Chicago will assess your motorcycle accident and try to come up with a figure for the amount a jury might award you. Valuing will also establish how much you'll be willing to take as settlement before the case goes into trial. The most critical factors in determining those numbers are the nature of the accident, the extent of your claim and the likelihood of the judgment finding the defendant liable.
  • Plaintiff's Damages: Determining the end result of a motorcycle accident case can be difficult. The outcome will depend on how much the jury will decide to award you or your dependents. While costs like medical bills and wages lost as a result of the accident may be easy to quantify, other claims like pain and suffering or emotional distress can be more difficult to value.
  • Likelihood Of Defendant Culpability: Your personal injury lawyer in Chicago will study the facts of your case to determine the likelihood of the jury finding the defendant culpable in causing you or your family member's injuries. If the evidence against the defendant is scarce, there will be a significant drop in the value of the settlement claim. This will make your lawyer to advise you to take a low settlement or run the risk of not being awarded anything at a full trial.
  • Amount Of Insurance And Its Availability: Sometimes the jury awards an amount higher than the limits on the defendant's insurance liability. Should you be unable to collect the full amount from the defendant, you may have to accept a settlement that is within the limits of the insurance liability.

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