Nursing Home Abuse: Know These Five Signs

Everyone wants their parents and grandparents to enjoy their twilight years in comfortable surroundings, but, all too often, our elderly loved ones are mistreated by the places we trusted to care for them. A nursing home abuse lawyer can seek justice for families who recognize abuse and want to take action.

Nursing home abuse lawyer

Elder abuse and neglect can be tough to recognize, at times. Families may not believe their older relatives’ complaints, chalking them up to dementia—and, sometimes, they may be right. Yet, all too often, there’s truth in elders’ complaints about their treatment in nursing homes. These are a few signs that there may be an issue with your loved one’s care:

  • Unexplained marks or bruises that appear frequently.
  • Changes in your loved one’s eating habits or personality.
  • Overmedication of elders.
  • Declines in personal appearance and cleanliness.
  • Unnecessary medical tests and treatments. Facilities may sometimes schedule unneeded and questionable medical tests and treatments to bill their residents’ insurers or the government.

Should you notice these signs in your loved one, you should investigate further and contact an experienced nursing home lawyer if needed.

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