Four Causes of Summertime Crashes

The clear skies, long days, and lack of ice and snow may convince drivers that summer driving is far safer than winter driving. This simply isn’t true, as statistics show that August is the deadliest month for drivers, with 2,747 deaths reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2015.

Causes of Summertime Crashes

Although the winter months may seem more perilous, during the summer there are several factors that contribute to a greater number of crashes, including:

  • More traffic – Many people plan their vacations for the summer, hitting the road when their children are out of school. The greater number of people on the road increases the chances that an accident will occur.
  • Construction – Government and other organizations often embark on road improvements or other construction projects in the summer that can pose hazards to drivers. Blocked off sections of road, heavy equipment entering and exiting highways, and other construction-related factors can contribute to wrecks.
  • Tire blowouts – Hot summer temperatures and construction debris increase the likelihood of tire blowouts, especially on well-worn tires. Drivers should replace worn and properly maintain their tires to reduce their likelihood of a blowout.
  • Brighter Sunlight--Direct sunlight during the day may cause glare causing driving more difficult.

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