Airline Injuries All Too Common

We’ve all seen the recent headlines concerning unacceptable conduct by airline employees toward innocent passengers. While airlines have the right to remove passengers from overbooked flights or in instances where they pose a security risk, they don’t have the right to abuse their passengers.

Airline injury victims

Confrontations with airline employees aren’t the only causes of personal injury on airlines. Many people are injured in accidents on airlines each year for which the airlines are liable. Knowing more about these incidents can help you make better decisions regarding whether you need to seek out a personal injury lawyer.

Some common causes of injury on airline flights include:

  • Items falling out of the overhead bin – More than 4,500 people are injured each year by items falling from overhead bins on flights, according to Nolo.
  • Slips and falls – Many slip and fall injuries occur on flights. Passengers can be injured while walking to the bathroom, while boarding or deplaning, or while moving to visit with other passengers.
  • Food cart injuries – Each year, dozens of airline passengers are injured by being struck by rolling food carts operated by flight attendants. These carts are heavy and can cause substantial injuries should they strike a passenger or roll over his or her foot.
  • Confrontations with other passengers or airline personnel – A growing number of incidents where passengers are harmed as a result of altercations with other passengers or airline staff are being reported.

Many injuries that passengers sustain on airline flights can be attributed to negligence on the part of airline staff. If you’ve been injured on a flight and think the airline may be to blame, make sure to take immediate steps in seeking medical treatment, reporting your injury, and talking to an experienced personal injury attorney, as you may be owed compensation.

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