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During the holiday season, millions of Americans will take to the highways and interstates to travel home to spend the holidays with their families or to vacation destinations. Unfortunately, some of these travelers will be involved in traffic accidents. In fact, holiday automobile accident facts can be quite alarming.

Motor vehicle crashes typically spike during times of the year when more drivers are on the road. These accidents often end in litigation, as car accident lawyers are retained to ensure their clients receive the appropriate compensation.

Consider these three facts about holiday season crashes and injuries:

1. AAA estimates that about 28,000 Americans will sustain serious injuries in auto accidents during the holiday season.

2. The National Safety Council estimates that 343 people die in auto accidents during the three-day Christmas holiday each year. About 373 people on average die in auto accidents during the New Year’s Day holiday period.

3. Automobile accidents involving alcohol skyrocket 71 percent during the New Year’s Day holiday according to

Travelers can avoid the pain, stress and potential tragedy involved in a holiday auto accident by avoiding drinking and driving and by practicing smart driving habits on the road. Travelers should avoid speeding, be sure to follow all traffic rules, don’t text and drive or participate in any other distraction while driving and exercise caution in inclement weather.

For those drivers who do become involved in a holiday auto accident, an experienced personal injury attorney can help.

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