The Effects Of Brain Injury Can Be Traumatic And Permanent

Many types of accidents or injuries can be debilitating in the short-term, but overcome with rehabilitation and time. Unfortunately, this is not always the case for the effects of brain injury, especially if the injury was severe. A brain injury can cause serious and persistent effects that truly change a victim's life.

Mental and Physical Effects can Linger

People often overlook the fact that many brain injury effects can be physical. Those who have suffered from brain injuries may have trouble seeing, hearing, speaking, and carrying out complex or coordinated motor tasks. A brain injury can also cause persistent feelings of dizziness or vertigo, which might make it hard for victims to carry out basic tasks. Headaches are another common side effect. Victims may learn ways to cope with these symptoms, but the effects may never go away. A decline in cognitive functions such as memory and reasoning ability is one of the better-known effects of a brain injury. People who have suffered such an injury may be forgetful — whether of past events or new things that they are trying to learn — and may have trouble staying focused or staying attentive. Brain injury victims may be repetitive in their words or actions. Often, a brain injury can also impair judgment. This makes it harder for victims to make decisions, and it can make it harder for them to behave appropriately.

Behavioral Changes May Be Dramatic

Finally, a serious brain injury can truly affect a person's personality and temperament, and this can be one of the worst effects to face. Victims may become continually depressed and exhausted after experiencing an injury, or they may become more inclined to have outbursts or act without thinking. Changes in judgment can make victims more likely to display behavior that is considered inappropriate for certain social situations. Counselors can help victims learn to focus on their behavior, avoid challenging situations, and accept the changes in their lives. However, some effects of brain injury never truly go away. They can affect a victim's relationships, ability to work, and overall quality of life. Anyone who has suffered from a brain injury should consult with an attorney about receiving compensation for the injury and its lasting effects. If you have suffered a brain injury, contact the Chicago brain injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Marc J. Shuman & Associates, LTD today at 800.722.9744 for a FREE consultation.


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