5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Car Accidents

Despite the number of substantial improvements in vehicles and safety initiatives, a high number of Americans are still injured in accidents every year. There are a few ways in which accidents could have been prevented by taking some safety precautions. Here are 5 car accidents facts that you probably weren't aware of -

1.Drivers still text while driving

Despite the fact that statistics have shown that texting while driving is extremely dangerous, people continue to do it. At any moment throughout the country, there are as many as half a million people texting while driving.

2.Half of Traffic Victims are not Drivers

Half of the people injured in the accidents are not the drivers or occupants. A high number of victims are innocent people.

3.Teens Have The Highest Crash Rates

One of the more disturbing car accident facts. Motor vehicle crashes make up almost 33% of all teen fatalities. This could be attributed to the fact that almost 60% of teens admit that they talk on the phone or text while driving.

4.Car Accidents are Expensive

Traffic accidents cost over $200 billion per year. This comes out to an average of $820 for every person in the country.

5.Seat Belts Save Lives

This may be one of the more common car accident facts, but between 2008-2013, seat belts saved the lives of over 70,000 people. Every year there are hundreds of people who could have avoided death by simply wearing their seat belts.


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