Top Four Most Dangerous Jobs in America

For many hard-working men and women, the risk of an on-the-job injury is always present.

Construction and highly physical jobs have high rates of work-related injuries. Injuries are also common in many health- and public-safety-related occupations. Workers need to know the risks and their legal rights, should they be injured while on the job to need an accident lawyer to pursue worker’s compensation or other claims.

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The following is a list of the 4 most dangerous jobs in the U.S.:

  1. Construction workers are at great risk of injury, as one in five work-related deaths occur in the construction industry.
  2. Corrections officers also frequently suffer injury because of the risks involved in restraining and subduing inmates. Corrections officers are 36 times more likely to be hurt at work than the average American worker.
  3. EMTs also are frequently injured. EMTs may suffer strains and sprains from lifting patients. Unfortunately, they are also sometimes assaulted from non-compliant patients.
  4. Farm laborers, who often deal with heavy machinery and electrical gear, are also at frequent risk of injury.

Workers injured on the job may have causes of action against employers if those employers failed to properly follow safety rules and regulations. In order to receive the compensation you deserve, you need to have an experienced Worker’s Compensation Attorney on your side!

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