Four Nursing Home Abuse Stats Every Family Needs to Know

Families need to trust that nursing homes will provide compassion and professional care for their loved ones, but sometimes this trust is betrayed by unscrupulous companies and individuals. This betrayal can take many forms, whether it’s neglect, cutting corners on services taking advantage of seniors financially or for instances of physical abuse. For families whose loved ones have suffered this abuse, a nursing home abuse attorney can help them seek justice for their loved ones.

Nursing home abuse attorneys

Elder abuse is a problem more widespread than most of us know. Consider these facts from the National Council on Aging and the National Center on Elder Abuse:

  • Nearly one in 10 Americans over the age of 60 have experienced elder abuse. Some experts estimate that as many as 5 million seniors experience abuse each year.
  • Only about one in 14 elder abuse cases are ever reported to the authorities.
  • One in three nursing homes in the U.S. has been cited for violations.
  • Seniors with dementia are more likely to be abused than other seniors. About half of seniors with dementia experience abuse or neglect.
  • Seniors who have been exposed to elder abuse have a 300 percent higher risk of death than seniors who have not been mistreated by their caregivers.

Caring for elders is a sacred trust and when this vulnerable population is taken advantage of, loved ones are left to deal with the emotional, medical, and financial consequences. Nursing home abuse attorneys help loved ones obtain the compensation they deserve when their family members  are mistreated.

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