The Importance of Auto Accident Reports

Nothing can ever fully prepare you for a car accident – it can happen in an instant. Auto accident reports are so important because the suddenness of an accident makes the details very difficult to remember, even for those with the greatest memory. The facts about how, when and why the incident occurred tend to become blurred, especially if you’ve been hurt. Odds are, that if you’ve been injured and/or your car has been damaged in some way, there will be medical and auto repair bills to pay. For this reason, those moments immediately following the crash are a critical time to document as many of the details as possible, so you can recoup as much of your losses as possible with the help of an auto accident attorney. Auto accident reports can never contain too much information. So often, drivers remember to ask the other party or parties for their insurance information but forget simple details like phone numbers and license plate numbers. Auto accident attorneys recommend that you always dial 911 to call the police to the scene even for minor fender benders. A police officer will be equipped with the proper forms and fill out the details so nothing important is left out. Auto accident reports always contain contact information with names, addresses and phone numbers of all drivers involved in the accident as well as each driver’s auto insurance company and policy information. Talking with drivers, passengers and witnesses will also provide details of the event from different perspectives, to add to the documentation. All of this information is important to auto accident attorneys when fighting for client settlements. If you were injured or not thinking clearly enough after the accident to collect all the appropriate information, then you, your lawyer and your insurance company representative will always have the police report to refer back to. Auto accident reports are the best way to document the accident, and they are very important when trying to retrieve financial compensation for the medical and vehicle repair bills that will start to pile up. If you have been injured in an auto accident, contact the Law Offices of Marc J. Shuman & Associates, LTD today for a FREE consultation with the experienced auto accident attorneys at our firm.


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